2021 Year in Review

2021 included one EPIC 6-week honeymoon, multiple weekend trips and saving over $88,000. We utilized 2.5 million points and miles and spent under $4,000 for all flights and hotels.

How we saved over $70,000 on a 6-week honeymoon

Planning a honeymoon and saving thousands of dollars by strategically paying for your wedding is no easy feat. However, it is certainly not impossible and easy to learn with some basic knowledge of credit card rewards points. Since Dave and I first got into points and miles, we dreamed of visiting the infamous Hilton Conrad […]

Updates to Chase Sapphire Products

Our favorite cards have been updated for ways to earn even MORE Ultimate Reward Points than previously, as well as giving some extra perks for cash back. As of August 16th, these new benefits are in place for NEW and EXISTING card members. The best part is the annual fees are staying the same. Let’s […]