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Earning Bank Account Bonuses is one of my Favorite Basic Travel Strategies (besides credit card bonuses). Typically Banks will provide a Cash Bonus for Opening a New Checking or Savings Account. I’ll take those Cash Bonuses and add them to my Travel Fund for a Future Trip. That extra cash comes in handy for a fancy dinner out or covering the cost of a unique excursion.

Since I started tracking my Bank Account Bonuses back in January of 2018, I’ve earned $3,600! 

Basic approach to bank account bonuses

Most Bank Account Bonuses follow the same guidelines. There will be a cash bonus offered for opening the account which will be credited after one or more requirements are met. These requirements certainly vary from bank to bank. Typical requirements include:

  • Depositing New Money Into the Account- Often Required to Leave it in the Account for a Set Period of Time
  • Direct Deposit from a Payroll- Often multiple Direct Deposits equalling a certain amount of money in a set period of time
  • Using a Debit Card- Often a Set Number of Debit Swipes Required
  • Account Remaining Open- Some banks state that if the account is closed early they can take the Bonus Back or enforce a Penalty Fee
  • Eligibility- Often ineligible if already earned the bonus within the last 6-12 Months 

My number-one key to Successfully Earning Bank Account Bonuses is staying organized! I’ve created a Basic Spreadsheet that you can find by clicking HERE. Feel free to make a copy to use for yourself. (Click File once you open the spreadsheet, then make a copy). The information that I’ve found to be crucial includes the opening/closing dates, Terms of Direct Deposit/Funding, and the Date I can close the Account without being Penalized. 

Start making your extra cash back

Check out these bank account bonuses:

Top checking account offers

Each month I review and revise the Top Checking Account offers based on how easy it is to get the bonus. If a bank account bonus doesn’t require a direct deposit, it goes higher on my list even if it has a lower bonus amount.

  1. Citizens $400 Bonus ($500 Direct Deposit within 60 Days of Opening + $100 for using debit card)
  2. Chase $225 Bonus (1 Direct Deposit within 90 Days of Opening)
  3. M&T Bank $250 Bonus ($500 Direct Deposit within 90 Days of Opening) Expiring July 12th, 2021
  4. TD Bank $300 Bonus ($2,500 Direct Deposit within 60 Days of Opening)
  5. Service Credit Union– Easy $100 bonus- Immediately get $50, then complete 10 debit card transactions within 90 days to get another $50. *Must also have a savings account with at least $5 in it and open a new checking account to receive a bonus.
  1. Citi Bank $300/$700/$1,500 Bonus – These require high deposit amounts
  2. Wells Fargo $200 Bonus – $1,000 Direct Deposit within 90 Days
  3. Bank of America $200 – $400 Bonus – Stop in a local branch or call. These are targeted and are sent through the mail or email. You can also see if you’re targeted by logging into your BOA account if you already have a banking relationship with them.
  4. PNC Bank $200/300 Bonus ($2,000/$5,000 Direct Deposit within 60 Days of Opening)
  5. Fidelity $100 Bonus (Open and Deposit $50 to earn $100)

Business & savings account offers

  1. Brex Cash Business Management offers– Earn a $250 Amazon gift card after you spend $1,000 on your card. Must have LLC, LLP, S-Corp or C-Corp to qualify.
  2. Chase $150 Savings Account Bonus (Deposit $15,000 within 20 Days of Opening)
  3. Chase $750 Business Checking Account Bonus (Deposit $10,000 and make 25 purchases)
  1. American Express $300 Checking Account Bonus (Deposit $5,000 and complete 10 transactions)
  2. PNC $200 Business Checking Account Bonus (Deposit $5,000 and make 20 transactions)
  3. TD Bank $200 Savings Account Bonus (Deposit $20,000 within 20 Days of Opening)

Easy FinTech 'app' bonuses

  1. Lili $100 Bonus (Transfer and spend $250)
  2. Chime $100 Bonus – Earn $100 after receiving a $250 Direct Deposit within 45 Days of Opening.
  3. One $50 Bonus – Earn $50 after receiving a $250 Direct Deposit
  4. Spiral $50 Bonus – Earn $50 after receiving a $200 Direct Deposit
  5. Aspiration $50 Bonus (Transfer and spend $250 Easy $50 in my opinion)
  1. SoFi Bank Money $25 Account Bonus (Deposit $10 within five days)
    • SoFi Money Account Article for more information
    • My Favorite Travel Account due to No ATM Fees Worldwide for members who opened prior to June 8th, 2020
    • New accounts receive ATM fee reimbursement from 55,000+ ATM’s included in the Allpoint Network.
  2. Oxygen Bank ($25 after deposit $200 or more)- Basic Review of Oxygen Bank

Loan promotions

  1. SoFi $300 Bonus (Take out a $5,000 Loan to earn $300)
  2. Don’t need a loan? Me either! Check out how I earned the $300 in this basic breakdown.

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