Increased Bonus offers on Chase Ink Business Cards!

Chase Ink Business Credit Cards have always been a favorite of ours in our wallets. There are currently Four Ink Business Branded cards. Chase just launched an updated bonus offer on two of the cards which makes these cards EVEN MORE VALUABLE and has anyone under 5/24 rushing to apply. If you aren’t familiar with […]

How we saved over $70,000 on a 6-week honeymoon

Planning a honeymoon and saving thousands of dollars by strategically paying for your wedding is no easy feat. However, it is certainly not impossible and easy to learn with some basic knowledge of credit card rewards points. Since Dave and I first got into points and miles, we dreamed of visiting the infamous Hilton Conrad […]

The Club DFW- Priority Pass Lounge Review

Priority Pass offers an expansive network of lounges throughout the world. Recently I visited the “The Club DFW.” It is easily accessible from any terminal and I recommend a visit.