Basic Guide to Aruba’s Top Things To Do and a 5 Day Sample Itinerary

Girl walking by painted wall of 3 turtles

“One Happy Island” is plastered all over the Island and for good reason. Aruba certainly has it all. Whether you are looking for some much needed R&R, an exotic adventure, or a beautiful seafood dinner right in the water. You’ll find it on the happiest island we have had the pleasure of visiting. Not only […]

7 Basic Reasons Why We Love Octopus Aruba’s Sunset Sail

Woman laying on boat net

Turquoise water, the magnificent sun shining down, and the tranquility of a Caribbean breeze flowing through your hair. Listening to the birds chirping as the sailboat glides gently through the water. Smelling that fresh ocean breeze and enjoying these moments that never seem to last as long as we want them to. This is my […]

Basic Guide to Renaissance Island and Flamingo Beach

Man and woman standing in water feeding two pink flamingos.

We just returned from a fantastic trip to Aruba and spent quite a bit of time exploring Renaissance Island and the beautiful Flamingo Beach. From breathtaking white sand beaches, giant iguanas frolicking around, and taking those Instagram worthy selfies of yourself with a Flamingo. This island has many fun opportunities to offer you an unforgettable […]