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About Us

The “Basic Travel Couple”

Dave & Lisa founded Basic Travel Couple in 2018 after learning how to utilize Credit Card Reward points to travel the world for almost free. From Scuba Diving between two continents in Iceland, running from Monkeys in Thailand, sleeping in a glass igloo in Finland, getting engaged in Egypt, Lisa Breaking her leg in Galapagos Islands, Swimming with Sharks in the Bahamas and jumping out of airplanes in Hawaii, there is no adventure that these two aren’t willing to take on. The next logical step seemed to be to teach others their points and miles knowledge!

You can follow along their journey on Instagram, join their Basic Travel 101 Facebook Group to get insider information, or check out some of their other social media sites on their contact us page.

David Musielak | Co-Founder

Dave is one half of the Basic Travel Couple and most people would agree the better half of the two! Just kidding, of course, Lisa is the best half.

Dave enjoys traveling, writing, researching new destinations, and saving the most money possible while doing it! His secondary passion is for helping people accomplish goals that they never thought they would be able to reach; from running a marathon to traveling to a unique destination. Every day he finds motivation from the people that he’s helping to keep pushing and getting better.

Lisa Kulpa | Co-Founder

Lisa’s love for travel began with an amazing opportunity to study abroad during her junior year in beautiful Australia. After graduating from college and being eaten alive by the TRAVEL BUG, there was no way that she could financially make it work within her budget to curb that itch.

Fast forward to November 2015, Lisa met Dave, and they combined their love for saving money and traveling to create Basic Travel.

Lisa has been to 23+ countries and loves to share her experiences with others who are interested in traveling. She has since helped friends create DREAM honeymoon destinations, book emergency flights home, and even weekend getaways by utilizing points and miles.

Robert Wells | Contributor

Robert has a deep passion for traveling both by maximizing points and utilizing budget travel strategies. While he loves splurging on a great 5-star Marriott redemption, he also is just as content to sleep in a budget hostel and enjoy a meal at a local’s home.

From hiking the entirety of the Camino de Santiago through Spain to floating the Dead Sea in Israel, Robert and his wife Amelia have traveled to over 50 countries together with no shortage of interesting stories to tell.

You can follow their world travels on their Instagram- @wellsworldtour